Rotary Subs - Crossover rotary subs are made with adequate fishing neck and tong space length.

When ordering or requesting a quote, please specify:

On all subs:
  • Sub use (such as kelly sub, x-over drill pipe to drill collar, x-over drill collar to drill collar, bit sub, etc.) so we can give you the correct bevel diameter.
  • Overall length
  • Largest diameter
  • Bore
  • Size & type of connections, indicating pin or box, & special joint features such as bore back or stress relief groove.
On reduced section subs:

      Add the following specifications:

  • Diameter of reduced section
  • Length of reduced section: 18 or 24 inches
On bit subs:

     Add the following specifications:

  • Float bore, size and type
On kelly saver subs with protector:

     Add the following specifications:

  • Stretch or latch-on
  • Code name of protector
  • Desired OD of protector

Bit Subs

Kelly Saver Subs

bitsubs.jpg (47679 bytes)

kellysub.jpg (47825 bytes)

Bit Sub                    Bit Sub
With Float               No Float

No Protector        Groove For     Throw-Away

Reduced Section Subs

redsubs.jpg (85872 bytes)

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